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Quicken your transactions at Bar with the new touchscreen point of sale technique. Through this, you can talk directly to the cash drawer and Eftpos terminal with ease. Herein your POS can further take care of all your inventories and run reports for you.

POS System for Bars

When it comes to the service industry, quality and service are of utmost importance. The success of any bar or restaurant is not measured by large crowds. It has much more to do with reputation and status. The true success of nightclubs and bars depend on the best guest experience. Rocket POS provides top-quality POS system for bars for right bar management.

The modern technology has also changed the way customers think and expect. Businesses like bars and restaurants should be able to keep up with the quality even during the rush. Right bar management software helps in achieving equal efficiency under pressure.

Key Features of Bar Management POS Software

Managing a bar requires sophisticated software that helps in tracking stocks and swift transactions. We also offer cloud-based real-time inventory management system to track prices, inventories, and rewards. Tracking price and generating reports is a matter of few clicks with our POS for bars.

Here are some of the best features of the Rocket POS for bars and clubs-

1. Highly customized to fit unique needs
2. Allows to split bills
3. Management of menu and happy hours
4. Quick tracking and integration of discounts and rewards
5. Features to record customer preferences
6. Mobile hardware for POS
7. Cash drawer management
8. Liquor inventory management

Why Rocket POS for Bar Management Systems

Rocket POS owns vast industry experience in providing customized software to bars, nightclubs, pubs, and restaurants. The software systems are designed in tune with the challenges of managing bar counter, liquor inventory and pricing.

With less time to spend over management, owners have a good time to focus on creating pleasant atmosphere in the bar. The owners have more time to spend on enhancing the guest experience through innovative factors. With our POS, the bar managers are able to focus more on customer service and delicious drinks. Besides, Rocket POS guarantees excellent technical support and training.