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Now taking orders in the restaurants is much easy if you have a mobile phone or a tablet. Take orders directly at the table using your smartphone and get the print transferred directly to the kitchen without the need of going personally and reading out the order. In addition, you can even split the bills according to the seat, push the total amount due straight to the wireless Eftpos terminals for making at table payment. With our POS solutions now manage your tables and payments easily at the restaurants.

POS System for Restaurant

With POS systems tailored specifically for restaurants, it is a breeze to run a restaurant business. The managers can simply take orders using smart devices. The managers can send out the intimation to the kitchen without any manual involvement. We, at Rocket POS offer best POS system for restaurant at most competitive pricing.

Our all-inclusive point of sale software allows managers to manage orders, receive payments, and track inventories. The automated order management system results in a quick table service. It also speeds up the billing process with integration of rewards and discounts.

Restaurant Point of Sale Software

Customized software systems have been helping businesses since long. With the coming of digital payments, specialized POS is developed for smart transactions. The POS and EFTPOS allow customers to make payments in couple of seconds without leaving the table. The owners can keep track of revenues, stock, and sales without the help of manual data entry.

Our innovative POS designed for restaurants assist owners in managing numerous activities-

• Managing menus and tables
• Billings and payments
• Integration of in-house and third-party e-commerce
• Accounting and Finance management
• Generating sales and revenue reports
• Inventory tracking and management
• Employee management and shift scheduling

With the presence of a modern point of sale systems, owners can easily handle every operation smoothly even during hectic hours.

Benefits of Restaurant Management Software

Automating business operations give tremendous benefits to restaurants. Rocket POS understands all the requirements and challenges of running a food business. We provide POS for small restaurants as well as large restaurants with multiple points of sales.

Key benefits of a POS system for restaurants and cafeterias-

• Accurate tracking of stocks
• Speedy billing with all payment options
• Highly secured systems
• No room for errors and thefts
• Quick reporting and analytics

The major benefits of POS systems are increased efficiency, accuracy, and productivity. It helps in earning high repute through speedy and quality services. This in turn results in huge growth and customer satisfaction.