Choose the best POS software to enhance profitability of your restaurant business

Being a restaurant owner, you have to handle a number of billing payments on a daily basis. Though it is good if you have a busy restaurant schedule, but sometimes you may be tired of receiving cash and keeping records. So, what you need is a refined system that can work to accept payments through an integrated system. At Rocket POS, we are offering Eftpos NZ to let you have cashless transactions for billing of the food you served to the customers. Our POS software would drastically boost the profitability of your business in numerous ways.

Appropriate sales reports

Monitoring sales is crucial for analyzing business performance. However, it could be devastating to track sales with a traditional method. Using Eftpos certainly bring modern technology at your disposal to track the sales on regular basis. Our full-fledged POS system will automatically track sales and receipts by recording transactions initially. It can make the whole process easier, faster, and safer. You can get a paperless recording of all billing transactions that will enhance the accuracy of your business. It stores huge information that you can use to evaluate the performance of your restaurant business in a flawless manner.


In a restaurant business, there are many counters that are meant for serving the food and drinks. Your customers may have to go to different areas for clearing the payments. It could lead to a longer process when it comes to paying using hard cash. Installing our Eftpos NZ system will facilitate your clients with over-the-table payment clearance. You can take the portable POS machine to your customers and let them use the credit or debit card to clear the bill. It significantly improves business operations, reduces time, and brings customer satisfaction.


Running a restaurant business is a costly affair as you have to deal with so many things to keep customers engaged with dining. When it comes to properly channelize a payment recording system, you also have to invest a huge amount of money. For instance, you have to invest in several types of stationery in order to record the billing transactions. You may also require specialized personnel for keeping the transactions records. With Eftpos hire or purchase, you can considerably reduce such costs. It will record every transaction automatically in the system that enables you to save the huge investment for your business.

Use for long or short term

It solely depends upon your needs to use the card swipe machine for long or short durations. As per the business needs of your eatery, you can make a wise decision. Rocket POS serves businesses with the facility of Eftpos machine hire. You can call us to get the system on rent to use for billing. Whether you want to use it as a mobile POS system or want to establish it on the counter of your commercial facility, we are available to support you with particular POS requirements.