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Have Payment Services Everywhere!

Don’t allow limited space or distant places to restrict you.

Mobile EFTPOS Solutions

Don’t let limited space or remote locations restrict you. Get payment services everywhere with our mobile EFTPOS machines in NZ!

Wireless EFTPOS Machines

Our mobile EFTPOS machines let shop owners receive payments on the go, allowing for greater convenience. Using a wireless EFTPOS machine in NZ solves payment problems that arise when providing services or selling products in remote areas or workspaces with limited space.

Multiple Payment Options

With our mobile EFTPOS machines, users can pay in numerous ways such as with debit card or credit card. The terminal also has contactless or tap and go features, granting access to more payment options which save time for the customer and the business!

Boundless Connectivity

No matter where you use the mobile terminal, you can always choose from a variety of options like using a SIM, Wi-Fi or mobile tethering to connect. Just ensure you have connectivity and all transactions will be processed within seconds.

Advanced Software

Our wireless EFTPOS machines in NZ come with the latest software and receive updates on a regular basis. This safeguards all transactions against security threats. Our mobile EFTPOS machines also offer easy integration with other POS payment and management solutions, granting ease of entry and reconciliation. Get the best combination of safety and ease.

Book a Mobile EFTPOS Machine

Book a short or long-term mobile EFTPOS solution with Rocket POS today!

Book a short or long-term mobile EFTPOS solution with Rocket POS today!