Manage every aspect of your pizzeria effectively with the Pizza POS system.
Manage every aspect of your pizzeria effectively with the Pizza POS system.

What is needed in Pizza to get successful

Streamlines Order Management

RocketPOS system streamlines the order-taking process in pizza shops by enabling quick and accurate entry of orders. It also helps to reduce errors and ensures accurate order fulfilment.

Inventory Control

A POS system allows real-time tracking and management of inventory. It helps in monitoring and optimizing ingredient levels, identifying popular items that result in minimizing waste and avoiding shortages.

Detailed Reporting and Analytics

Detailed reporting and analytics features of POS help track performance, access detailed sales reports and gain customer preferences insights..

Employee Management

RocketPOS can help you with employee management in Pizza Shop. Automating processing payroll, managing shifts, and tracking work hours helps improve efficiency.

Online Ordering Integration

Integration of the POS system with online ordering, mobile apps and websites enable seamless order flow and prevent manual errors.

Integrated Payment Processing

Integrated payment processing with POS allows customers to pay using various methods including cash, credit, debit card and mobile payments.

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Benefits of using RocketPOS in your cafe

Reduce handling errors and time on the till with payment integration

Send the payment amount directly through to your payment terminal and heavily reduce transaction time and handling errors.

We’ve got your back with fast & free support

Access easy to follow tips and tools to get your restaurant system set up, with live chat support to help you.

Run efficiently with cloud-based POS

Take advantage of easy scalability, affordable prices and access to your data and reports at any time, from anywhere. RocketPOS’ cloud- based POS system gives you.

Xero Integration

Do your cash-ups on the iPad and with the push of a button, send them straight to Xero.