Scale up your QSR business with Takeaway POS system and maximize profits.
Scale up your QSR business with Takeaway POS system and maximize profits.

What is needed in restaurants to get successful


KIOSK in takeaways can help customers conveniently place orders, especially during busy hours. It can also reduce waiting times by eliminating potential miscommunication that can occur during manual order-taking.

KDS (Kitchen Display System)

The KDS system displays orders on a screen in real-time, it helps in preparing the order in the correct sequence and serving the customers on time. It also eliminates the need for handwritten tickets that can be lost.

Phone orders

Phone orders integrated with the POS system in takeaways can help streamline the order management process. The staff members after receiving the order details from customers on the phone enter them into the POS system.

Combo Items

Combo items in takeaways include a combination of food items available at discounted prices as compared to individual items. Combo items provide a convenient and cost-effective way for customers to enjoy a full meal with a variety of food choices.

Click and Collect

Click and Collect ordering allows customers to place the order through a mobile app and collect the order directly from the takeaways at a designated time place and time. It provides convenience to customers to place orders in advance and reduces waiting times.

Split payments

Split Bill in POS facilitates customers to divide the total cost of the order into multiple payments. Customers can also use different payment methods for making payment for each split portion.

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Benefits of using RocketPOS in your cafe

Reduce handling errors and time on the till with payment integration

Send the payment amount directly through to your payment terminal and heavily reduce transaction time and handling errors.

We’ve got your back with fast & free support

Access easy to follow tips and tools to get your restaurant system set up, with live chat support to help you.

Run efficiently with cloud-based POS

Take advantage of easy scalability, affordable prices and access to your data and reports at any time, from anywhere. RocketPOS’ cloud- based POS system gives you.

Xero Integration

Do your cash-ups on the iPad and with the push of a button, send them straight to Xero.