Best EFTPOS Machines for Small Businesses

Collection of top EFTPOS machines, ideal for small business operations.

EFTPOS machines have become a shopping norm and a crucial part of quality customer service. As electronic payment methods continue to develop, having an EFTPOS machine is an essential part of your business. Fortunately, the decision to get an EFTPOS machine for your small business is one of the easier ones to make.

The benefits of an EFTPOS machine are going to offer improvements to your small business dramatically. These range from more potential and happy customers to no invoices and easier accounting as you can track all your transactions. The advantages of scooping up an EFTPOS machine for your business could be the game-changer you need.

Below we offer the threeof the best EFTPOS machines types to ensure their best benefits are captured for your small business.


mobile eftpos machine

Mobile EFTPOS machines are idealfor providing a convenient and fast payment option. If your business is on the move, has limited space or works in remote areas, then a mobile EFTPOS is the one for you.

Mobile EFTPOS machines offer boundless connectivity through SIM cards, Wi-Fi, or mobile tethering, ensuring connectivity wherever you are. The benefits of more freedom in work location, magstripe, and contactless payment for faster payment and avoiding the invoice hassle can dramatically improve the efficiency and reputation of your small business.

Countertop EFTPOS

countertop eftpos machine

The countertop EFTPOS machine is the go-to for most brick and mortar businesses. If your small business is in a service-related industry, then a countertop EFTPOS machine is perfect for your needs.

Countertop EFTPOS machines offer an ideal payment solution to make transactions straightforwardand provide a quality customer experience. The range in sizes and functions allows for optimal customisation for your business requirements. Maybe you want a more compact and modern terminal or need dual-face terminals to ensure fast and secure transactions. Dual-face terminals give both the merchant and customer separate actions to provide a quickerprocessing system.

The flexibility and functionality of countertop EFTPOS machines are perfect if your small business is looking for reliability and efficiency in your service.

Short-Term Rent EFTPOS

Finally,the short-term rent EFTPOS option allows your small business to have all the mentioned benefits of mobile EFTPOS machines but without the same cost. Short-term rent is a perfect option if you need a mobile EFTPOS for a day, week, month or longer.

A short-term rent EFTPOS is perfect for those peak sale seasons, events, pop-up stalls, or one-off solutions. Whatever your need is, a mobile EFTPOS machine can ensure you are prepared for giving the best customer experience, no matter your location.

Our mobile EFTPOS hire steps are simple and make sure you’re on your way to getting all the benefits we have mentioned. If this option sounds like the ideal EFTPOS solution, you can book here or contact us on 0800-758-767 for more details!

Choose Rocket POS to provide the best EFTPOS solution for your small business

If one of these EFTPOS options sounds like the key ingredient you’ve been missing in your business, then contact us now, and we will make sure you are on your way to capturing all the benefits of the EFTPOS machine of choice. We provide EFTPOS solutions to small and largebusinesses all over New Zealand, so rest assured we can help make sure you make the best decision for your business.