The Food Truck POS System: A Crucial Tool for Business Excellence

The Food Truck POS System: A Crucial Tool for Business Excellence

What is needed in restaurants to get successful

Our Food Truck POS system ensures seamless service, even offline. It keeps taking orders and processing payments smoothly without internet connectivity.

Work Offline

Our food truck POS system ensures smooth service, even without internet, by continuously processing orders and payments.

Click and Collect ordering

This feature allows customers to order through an app and collect from the food truck, reducing wait times.


A self-service station for efficient order placement and payment, increasing order volume handling.


Real-time order display for accurate and timely preparation, eliminating paper tickets.

Split payments

Offers customers the option to split bills and use different payment methods.

Label tickets

Use label tickets for personalized orders, like customized coffee preparations, enhancing the customer experience.

Discover the Advantages of RocketPOS in Your Food Truck

Seamless Payment Integration

Send the payment amount directly through to your payment terminal and heavily reduce transaction time and handling errors.

Reliable Support

Access easy to follow tips and tools to get your Food truck system set up, with live chat support to help you.

Cloud-Based Efficiency

Take advantage of easy scalability, affordable prices and access to your data and reports at any time, from anywhere. RocketPOS’ cloud- based POS system gives you.

Xero Integration

Do your cash-ups on the iPad and with the push of a button, send them straight to Xero.