Paymark – a fast and reliable online Eftpos payment system in Hamilton

Paymark digital interface - a reliable online EFTPOS payment system being used in Auckland.

As the covid pandemic spread is threatening the world, again and again, many retail store owners in Hamilton, New Zealand have decided to provide their clients with contactless payment solutions. However, using a contactless payment system can significantly reduce the threat of viruses, but it might not be possible to implement for all the retailers and customers as well. There are many retailers that are not equipped with contactless Eftpos devices and buyers that are unwilling or unable to use contactless e-cards. However, Paymark Hamilton is a refined technique that has enabled the buyers to prevent interaction with anything excluding their own mobile devices. They have gained the facility of paymark’s online Eftpos system.

No need to have or use the credit card

The innovative technology in the payment industry has made it really fast, safe, and hassle-free to pay online for the products and services. As a merchant, you do not have to let your clients wait for a longer duration to get the payments credited into your bank account. They also need not think about applying for the credit cards in their banks. Although, now they can pay for the products bought directly from their bank account using their mobile devices.

In-store purchase is easy and secure

Rocket POS has a secure Hamilton Paymark enabled Eftpos system that works seamlessly. We have the best mobile Eftpos machines such as VeriFone VX 680 and Ingenico IWL 255 that support the paymark’s payments network. Customers simply need to follow the pre-determined payment procedure and can make secure and swift payments to your account directly. No worries! We provide the most trusted, rapid, and secure payment network through our Eftpos that would boost your confidence as a retailer to have highly encrypted payment solutions at your service.

Get real-time reporting for your sales and payments

A smart payment gateway does not come only with convenient and fast settlement networks but also provides real-time payment monitoring. Paymark Transtrack Hamilton is the top-notch system that provides you with the real-time reporting of financial transactions. You can enable this system to check the inflow of finances despite the time, location, and device. As a business owner, it is imperative for you to keep the proper record for transactions that would help your business to grow. So, it would be the best data collection gateway that is tailored to your unique needs and preferences.

Build customer loyalty and end-user experience

There is no doubt that the numbers of users in New Zealand are increasing rapidly that prefers the use of contactless payments. For merchants, it is the best way out to streamline the billing process and to check out the payment details via Hamilton Paymark Transtrack. For customers, it could be a fascinating shopping experience since they do not need to wait too long for making the payments clear. The technique is really beneficial to take the retail industry to another level of success. 

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