Enhance Your Pizza Shop's Efficiency with Our Specialized Pizza Shop POS System

Enhance Your Pizza Shop's Efficiency with Our Specialized Pizza Shop POS System

Key Ingredients for a Successful Pizza Shop Operation.

Discover the power of RocketPOS, the ultimate Pizza Shop POS system, expertly designed to cater to the fast-paced world of pizza shops in New Zealand. Our system streamlines every aspect of your pizza business, ensuring peak efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Seamless Order Processing

Our Pizza Shop POS system simplifies order handling, dramatically reducing errors and speeding up service. Experience a system that understands the hustle of a busy pizza shop, enhancing your ability to serve customers quickly and accurately.

Advanced Inventory Management

Keep your stock levels in perfect harmony with our sophisticated inventory management feature. Avoid shortages of popular toppings and minimize waste, ensuring that your kitchen is always prepared for the rush.

Comprehensive Reporting & Analytics

Gain valuable insights into your business with our in-depth reporting tools. Analyze sales data, track customer preferences, and use these insights to make informed decisions that drive your pizza shop's growth.

Efficient Employee Management

Our system offers an intuitive solution for managing your staff, from scheduling to payroll. It simplifies administrative tasks, allowing you to focus more on the quality of your service.

Integrated Online Ordering

Connect seamlessly with online ordering platforms. This integration ensures accuracy in order processing and expands your digital footprint, attracting more online orders.

Versatile Payment Processing

Offer your customers a variety of payment options. Our integrated payment processing accommodates cash, cards, and mobile payments, adding convenience to your service.

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Efficient payment integration

Send the payment amount directly through to your payment terminal and heavily reduce transaction time and handling errors.

Enjoy quick, reliable support at no extra cost.

Access easy to follow tips and tools to get your pizza shop system set up, with live chat support to help you.

Benefit from the flexibility of a cloud-based system

Take advantage of easy scalability, affordable prices and access to your data and reports at any time, from anywhere. RocketPOS’ cloud- based POS system gives you.

Easily integrate with Xero

Do your cash-ups on the iPad and with the push of a button, send them straight to Xero.