Elevate Your Restaurant Service with Our Advanced Restaurant POS System

Elevate Your Restaurant Service with Our Advanced Restaurant POS System

Key Features of Our Restaurant POS System for Success

Discover how our top-rated Restaurant POS system can revolutionize your dining service. Our solution is designed to streamline operations, boost efficiency, and enhance customer satisfaction in your restaurant, making it the ultimate choice among POS systems for NZ restaurants.

Efficient Table Management

Optimize your restaurant layout with our intuitive table management feature. Easily monitor table statuses, from "Occupied" to "Served", ensuring smooth operations and maximizing table turnover – a must-have for the best restaurant POS systems in New Zealand.

Streamlined Order Processing with Print Group

Ensure seamless communication between your dining area and kitchen with our Print Group feature. Minimize errors, improve course timing, and expedite order fulfillment, setting our restaurant POS software apart from the competition in NZ.

Customizable Staff Permissions for Enhanced Security

Assign specific roles and permissions to your staff using our user-friendly POS system. Maintain secure and authorized access to sensitive data and functions, a critical aspect of leading restaurant POS software in NZ.

Flexible Payment Options with Split Bill Functionality

Offer your customers the convenience of splitting their bills effortlessly with our Split Bill feature. This essential component of a top-tier POS system for restaurants ensures a seamless and enjoyable dining experience for your guests.

Recipe Builder for Precise Inventory Management

Streamline your kitchen operations with our Recipe Builder. Accurately track costs, manage inventory, and maintain consistency in your dishes, making RocketPOS an indispensable POS system for NZ restaurants.

Real-Time Order Tracking with KDS System

Implement our state-of-the-art Kitchen Display System (KDS) to monitor orders in real-time. Enhance kitchen efficiency, reduce wait times, and improve order accuracy – a hallmark of the best restaurant POS systems in NZ.

Seamless Payment Integration

Simplify your payment process and reduce handling errors with our integrated payment system. Our restaurant POS system offers fast, secure, and reliable transactions, setting the standard for POS solutions in NZ.

Dedicated Support for Your Restaurant

Experience unparalleled support from our dedicated team of experts. We provide fast and free assistance to ensure your restaurant POS system runs smoothly, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional dining experiences.

Cloud-Based Flexibility and Scalability

Harness the power of cloud technology with RocketPOS. Our cloud-based POS system offers easy scalability, affordable pricing, and access to your data and reports anytime, anywhere, giving you the flexibility to grow your restaurant business.

Effortless Xero Integration for Streamlined Accounting

Seamlessly integrate your POS system with Xero, New Zealand’s leading accounting software. Simplify your financial management, save time, and gain valuable insights into your restaurant’s performance.

Get Started with RocketPOS Today

Ready to elevate your restaurant’s performance with the best POS system in NZ? Contact our friendly team today to schedule a free demo and see RocketPOS in action. We’ll work with you to customize the perfect POS solution for your restaurant’s needs and budget. Call us at 09 302 0919 or request a demo online now!