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Introducing our new POS options for Cafes enables easy handling and processing of work. Our POS options for cafes, food outlets and takeaways bring about the touch screen configuration wherein you can push the amount directly to the EFTPOS machine and thereby get the receipts printed directly. With this checking, the cash deposits at the end and reporting sales are also quickened.

POS System for Café

Managing a café seamlessly requires an efficient turnkey solution. Rocket POS provides a highly flexible and friendly point of sale systems covering all the operations of cafeteria. Coffee shops and small food outlets can efficiently manage counters, front desks, table orders, take away, and payments.

Rocket POS brings the best POS options specifically designed to run cafes. Our POS system for café allows managers to receive payments through EFTPOS. The receipts are directly printed at the machine without reaching the counters. This amazingly speeds up the procedures of serving, deliveries, and bill generation.

Coffee Shop Management Software

Rocket POS provides highly customizable and flexible POS systems for managing coffee shops. The cafeterias have to manage the inflow of customers along with inventories and in-house staff. Our software carries all the features that allow café to run smoothly.

1. In-built payment processing with discounts and rewards
2. User-friendly software requiring least training
3. Allow modifying orders, menu, and prices
4. Monitoring inventories of ingredients and other items
5. Integration of third party e-commerce
6. Customer relationship management
7. Reporting, accounting, and analytics

The POS we offer eliminates the requirement of hiring large number of employees. With all information at the fingertips, a one person is able to manage the entire show.

Café POS for Smooth Order Management

The software allows assigning tickets to the table and generates receipts with a single click. Cafeterias in Auckland are serving coffee, snacks, and confectionaries. The menu management is simple with point of sale systems designed for coffee shops. The users can create various options like delivery, dine-in, take away, add-ons, etc. The categories of items served can be customized by the users.

We have successfully delivered café management software systems to multiple cafeterias in Auckland. The POS are faster enough to let the owners manage hectic hours with the enhanced guest experience. The software also helps in tracking regular customers for their preferences, rewards, and discounts.