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For liquor stores, we bring about the Non-touch screen retail point of sales options making it an ideal method for these stores. In addition, we have combined them with cash drawers, barcode scanners, and print receipts. It also includes inventory management, warnings at the time of low stock so as to ensure you do not run out of any products.

POS System for Liquor

Running a liquor shop is much more than managing stocks. It requires efficient management of discounts and customer loyalty programs. Rocket POS offers the best POS system for liquor with top features. Finding right POS system for liquor in Auckland is simple when Rocket POS is here. We are proud provider of retail management software developed for liquor shops.

Our POS software for liquor store integrates stock management, discounts, customer rewards, pricing, and product mix. The systems we supply are extremely simple to use and offers extensive functions. With our innovative POS, one can manage the shop single-handedly. The system helps maximizing profits and sales to many liquor shops in Auckland.

Liquor Store Management Software Systems

The liquor shop POS allows you to view real-time reports from anywhere. The users can modify inventories and shift schedules from remote locations. Operating the system is no more restricted to the shop. This gives the owners greater control over the shop operations.

Key features of Rocket POS system for liquor stores in Auckland-

1. Flexibility to add personalized features
2. Automates accounting and employee management
3. Allow quick operations with minimum staff
4. Generates analytics and reports to track sales and revenues
5. Excellent stock management
6. Billing, payment, and customer reward management
7. Vendor management

With easy access to all data, the owners can track the trends and implement new programs to increase sales.

Wine Shop POS in Auckland

Whether you are selling beer, whisky, or own a wine shop; Rocket POS gives you customized POS. Our wine shop POS is best to handle the shop with higher accuracy and efficiency. Excellent customer service and ready availability of every item increase store‛s reputation. We also provide the best-quality hardware including barcode scanner, receipt generators, cash drawers, and screens.

The liquor shop POS systems are highly secure and there is no fear of theft and losing data. When the day to day operation is simple and quick, owners get good enough time to focus on other aspects.